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Since its third halving event was successfully completed in early August, the Litecoin price has fallen off the radar of crypto investors. This was mainly due to the price decline that LTC experienced after heavy profit-taking from investors who had invested leading up to the price surge triggered by the expectations around the halving. But it seems the tides are finally turning for the coin as one analyst predicts a more than 30% increase in price going forward.

Litecoin Price Shooting For The Stars

The current crypto market headwinds seem to be working in favor of the Litecoin price which one crypto analyst believes is gearing up for a run-up to $83. In the post, the pseudonymous analyst identified as P_S_trade points to the possibility of the crypto market continuing its growth trend. However, this would be null and void if the crypto market were to reverse back below $27,000.

For Litecoin, the analyst points out that the altcoin has usually been the first to start to see an upside in the crypto market. But this has not been the case, as previously mentioned since high levels of profit-taking have affected the LTC price.

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Even from the current level, the analyst’s chart points toward a possible retracement from here back down to $55. However, once this is completed, the bounce-off from there shows LTC reaching as high as $77 before succumbing to another correction.

This decline is also similar to the first instance where it falls to $55 in the fact that it signals another price surge. Following this second correction, the analyst puts the bottom somewhere around $67 before Litecoin continues its ascent once more.

The top of this second rally then lands just above $84 on the chart. Although there is no official timeline, the range of trades mentioned by the analyst is the medium term, which could see this run out for a couple of months.

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LTC Daily Transactions Continue To Decline

While the analyst foresees Litecoin price to surge, other metrics could be pointing in the opposite direction. For one, the daily transaction numbers for the altcoin have been steadily on the decline since the halving event in August.

According to data from BitInfoCharts, the number of daily LTC transactions has fallen from over 584,000 in May to just shy of 104,000 transactions by Tuesday, October 10. This points to a lack of interest from investors usually brought on by bear market headwinds.

Additionally, the daily transaction volumes, as shown by the token tracking website CoinMarketCap, show a 13.26% decline in the daily trading volume of Litecoin. These bearish metrics could thwart chances of reversal. However, they could also signal the bottom that triggers the start of another rally.

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