Despite a turbulent market and regulatory overhang, the crypto startups are forging ahead

Can’t stop, won’t stop. If you are a bitcoin believer, and ethereum enthusiast, or just someone who was into NFTs for the art, we have good news: Startups and tech companies alike are not backing down from their prediction of a decentralized future.

TechCrunch has long covered blockchain-based technologies, with our coverage stretching back more than a decade. Since those humble beginnings we’ve seen booms and busts. Most recently we saw the 2021-era bubble push asset trading to such heights that Coinbase made it rain gold from the skies for a period. Since then, however, things have sobered up more than a little.

And while there are some pieces of good news to chew on — crypto theft is trending down! — there are other issues ahead of crypto startups and believers that will have to be sorted out:

Don’t let the bad news bring you down too far. There are still startups out there building what they consider to be the future of value and value transference on blockchains of all shapes and sizes. And TechCrunch+ is going to cover them all.

As an aside, we’re hosting a fintech stage at Disrupt this year. Be there, or be square.




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