Microsoft makes its AI-powered reading tutor free

Microsoft announced on Tuesday during its annual Build conference that it’s bringing “Windows Volumetric Apps” to Meta Quest headsets. The partnership will allow Microsoft to bring Windows 365 and local PC connectivity to Quest headsets, enabling developers to extend their apps into the 3D space.

“We’re deepening our partnership with Meta to make Windows a first-class experience on Quest devices,” said Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President of Windows and Devices Pavan Davuluri during the event. “Windows can take advantage of Quest’s unique capabilities to extend Windows apps into 3D space.”

Image Credits: Microsoft

Developers can sign up for the developer preview today to receive access to a “volumetric API.” Microsoft says the extension will allow users to enhance spatial understanding without leaving the app that powers their work.

The sign-up page says Microsoft is looking for developers that “produce or provide plug-ins for 3D Windows desktop applications or customers that work with 3D applications on Windows desktop applications who are interested in extending those applications into 3D content with mixed reality.”

Microsoft is already working with Meta to create a limited edition Meta Quest VR headset that’s inspired by the Xbox. Plus, the company launched Microsoft 365 productivity experiences from Word, Excel and PowerPoint on the Quest last December.

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