This week in data: Data moats, generative AI and how to outperform your peers

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In this week’s carcast, we discuss data moats, the generative AI iceberg and ways to outpace the competition. We highlight the data-driven success of Andrew Storrs, data leader at Canadian fashion designer Aritzia and talk about the insightful gen AI iceberg concept by Tony Seale, knowledge graph engineer at investment firm UBS.

This week’s video also includes a discussion on data moats, inspired by a piece by Travis May, former CEO and founder of data collaboration platform LiveRamp

Additionally, we discuss three critical guideposts outlined by McKinsey to help leaders excel in their respective markets, such as not being a “laggard,” focusing on winning in your own turf and understanding the concept of “shrinking to grow.” Also:

  • What data leaders you should be following
  • McKinsey’s rules for outperforming the market
  • The Chief AI Officer Summit
  • Gartner predictions for 2024. 

Have a great week! Analytically yours.

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Bruno Aziza is a technology entrepreneur and partner at CapitalG, Alphabet’s independent growth fund.


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