6 places labelled Europe’s ‘next Silicon Valley’

Chasmic wealth gaps, soaring crime rates, exorbitant living costs, and horrifying homelessness… no wonder everyone dreams of being “the next Silicon Valley.”

The latest bearer of the nickname is Cambridge, England. Under new government plans,  billions of euros will be poured into new houses, business parks, laboratories, and science hubs in the city. The investment reportedly aims to create “the Silicon Valley of Europe.”

The city joins a growing list of places to earn the tired tagline. It’s a particularly prevalent desire in Europe, where half the continent seems to have earned the ambitious epithet. Here are six leading contenders for the title.

1. The UK

British politicians have long aspired to replicate the Bay Area’s magic formula. In January, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt made yet another proposal to make the UK the “next Silicon Valley.” 

“If anyone is thinking of starting or investing in an innovation or technology-centred business, I want them to do it in the UK,” said Hunt.

His vision combines lower taxes and post-Brexit regulations with the country’s established strengths in tech, science, and financial services. Critics have proven sceptical about the lofty ambitions.

2. Danish islands

Is this the next Silicon Valley?