6 surveys that will get you prepped for Disrupt

It’s TechCrunch Disrupt time, folks! If you’re attending, come over and say hi! If you’re not, don’t worry, because we’ll soon have a bunch of really good write-ups of some of the panels happening this week.

And just in case you’re wondering what’s happening in the sectors our team’s going to talk about at Disrupt, we’ve put together a handy primer of investor and founder surveys to get you up to speed. Our TechCrunch+ team regularly interviews investors, founders and industry experts to understand where the various flavors of tech are headed and what they think is best for startups in each space, so there’s a lot to learn from these deep dives.

Here are the top reads from our recent surveys:


In our most recent fintech survey, Mary Ann Azevedo delves into what’s happening with valuations, AI and other pertinent questions on current fintech trends.


In Tim De Chant’s two-part series (part 1 and part 2) on fusion power, he takes a look at the hurdles that fusion power needs to clear to really change how energy is produced and consumed across the planet. These comprehensive surveys explore upcoming regulation, the science behind fusion and what investors and founders think lies ahead for this very important bit of tech.


Alex Wilhelm explores how startups use the cloud and what their general strategy has been with regards to single- and multi-cloud setups. This quick survey gives you a glance at how startups are thinking about cloud infrastructure, and the best practices for startups depending on which stage of growth they are in.


Anna Heim dove into a very interesting niche with her survey on AI’s role in biotech. This survey looks at the maturity of AI in biotech, the road ahead and why the tech is more than a flash in the pan.


Carly Page polled a group of cybersecurity investors on why they’re still optimistic about the sector despite a year of low funding. The survey also takes a peek at the advancements AI will bring to the industry.


While robotics may not be as hot as it was a year ago, the industry still has its best days ahead of it. Join Brian Heater on a comprehensive look at the state of robotics investments in 2023.

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