Fifteen years in and still early to the industry with Marco Zappacosta from Thumbtack

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This week Becca and Dom talk about the seemingly endless slate of rainy Saturdays here on the east coast. Thankfully, this episode’s guest, Jonas Torland of 7Analytics, is helping us feel a little less gloomy about the current effects of climate change. Bergen, Norway-based 7Analytics built a data platform that powers tools and products for sustainable risk management. Their models can predict flooding or landslides, which help construction companies adapt to climate change. Torland also talked about:

  • How 7Analytics balances responsibilities between four founders
  • The difference between mitigation and adaptation startups and why it’s harder to raise in the adaptation space
  • The challenges and opportunities of a Norwegian company expanding to the U.S.
  • The important role startups are playing in fighting and adapting to climate change

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