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Despite the less-than-impressive performance over the last few months, Bitcoin investors are still digging their heels deeper into the digital asset. This is evidenced by the continuous rise in wallet activity that has been recorded during this time.

Bitcoin Wallet Activity Hits Highest In 5 Months

In a Tuesday post, on-chain data aggregator Santiment revealed that there has been a significant uptick in Bitcoin wallet activity despite the BTC price downtrend. Apparently, while the market had fluctuated heavily due to regulatory uncertainties, Bitcoin investors held their own, especially in terms of new wallet address activity.

The Santiment reports show fluctuations in this metric over the months. However, the one consistent thing was the tendency to jump back up even after dipping significantly. In September alone, the metric has moved from a low of around 860,000 to over 1.1 million unique daily Bitcoin addresses active.

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Unique daily addresses hit 5-month high | Source: Santiment on X

Interestingly, this figure is the highest this metric has been since April, proving that the BTC price downtrend has not served as a deterrent for Bitcoin investors. Rather, it looks as if investors are using the current low prices as a way to increase their footprint.

The uptick can also be explained by the euphoria triggered by asset manager Franklin Templeton filing for a Spot Bitcoin ETF. While the hype around the filing was short-lived, it triggered a brief uptick in the price of the digital asset, and likely aided the rising wallet activity rate as investors rushed to take advantage of the growth.

Will BTC Price Follow Wallet Activity?

Even though wallet activity is up, the BTC price is still straining below $26,000. This could suggest that this metric does not really have much bearing on the price of Bitcoin. Rather, it just points to investors not slowing down usage of the network despite low prices.

Bitcoin BTC price chart from (Wallets)

BTC price recovers above $26,000 | Source: BTCUSD on

Presently, investors are still eagerly awaiting a decision on the numerous Spot BTC ETFs that have been filed by fund managers. The outcome of these filings, whether rejected or accepted, will likely be the defining factor for the Bitcoin price going forward.

For now, there are no big moves to be expected for the digital asset, especially given the fact that it is still ranging below its 50-day and 100-day moving averages. Mounting resistance between $26,000-$27,000 suggests that Bitcoin might continue to trade sideways for the better part of September.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is treacherously holding above $26,000 with meager gains of 0.64% in the last day.

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