DoorDash adds new safety tools for its delivery people, including 'driving insights'

DoorDash is launching three new in-app safety tools for its delivery people, the company announced on Friday. The food delivery platform is introducing driving insights, expanding its Apple CarPlay integration to more states and adding speed limit notifications to its in-app navigation interface.

With the new driving insights feature, delivery people will learn about their individual driving habits. Using the same location information already collected from a delivery person’s phone, the Dasher app will now start to identify rapid changes in braking and acceleration. DoorDash believes that by providing these insights to their drivers, they can learn about their personal driving behaviors and promote safe driving practices.

Driving Insights are now available in Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Detroit, Cleveland, Miami, Charlotte, Palm Beach, Phoenix and Salt Lake City.

An image of DoorDash's Dasher app on a car's infortainment system

Image Credits: DoorDash

DoorDash started piloting Apple CarPlay integration for the Dasher app earlier this year in select markets, and is now rolling out to 17 U.S. cities, including Washington, D.C., Des Moines (IA), Sarasota (FL), Little Rock (AR), El Paso (TX), Huntsville (TN), Toledo (OH), Grand Rapids (MI), Rochester (NY), Myrtle Beach (SC), Reno (NV) and Augusta (GA). With CarPlay, DoorDash drivers can sync their iPhone’s interface with their car’s infotainment systems and see the app’s navigation interface on their car’s built-in screens.

Although DoorDash has long shown the posted speed limit for a road to drivers, the company’s app will now add on-screen indicators that display how their individual speed compares to the posted speed limit. The new feature is now available to all drivers who use in-app navigation.

Today’s announcement comes as DoorDash introduced a suite of safety features earlier this year. The company began reducing notifications sent to delivery people when they were driving, started prompting customers to not text delivery people while they were driving, launched a one-tap messaging system for delivery people to quickly send messages like “I’m on my way to the store” or “I’m waiting for for your order” and more.

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