Live commerce startup TalkShopLive launches new app for sellers to broadcast on mobile

Live commerce platform TalkShopLive announced today its new Studio app for creators and brands, bringing an array of management and broadcast tools to mobile, including the ability to virtually collaborate with four people in a livestream, pin comments, simulcast on Facebook and more.

TalkShopLive’s new app allows sellers to access the platform’s full toolset right from their phones, such as displaying item details at the bottom of the screen, highlighting key products during moments in the show, tracking sales while livestreaming, interacting with customers in real-time and getting access to viewership metrics.

The startup also touts its proprietary multi-embed point-of-sale technology, which enables customers to purchase an item during a live show without interrupting the viewing experience. Sellers can sync products from their existing Shopify stores.

While the company already had an iOS app, the Studio app is considered its first broadcast-quality app. The initial seller app had minimal capabilities, whereas this has HD-quality streaming and a built-in broadcast studio.

Image Credits: TalkShopLive

Additionally, the new app has a highly requested feature that many users will likely find helpful. Now, sellers can enlist a person on their team to be a producer, assisting them throughout the show behind the scenes. The producer (or moderator) can join the livestream without being on screen and, with the seller’s permission, manage product sales, highlight items, pin live comments and perform other duties.

“It takes the big lift off of [sellers] trying to figure out everything that’s going on and allows them to be in the moment with the people who are watching,” Bryan Moore, CEO and co-founder of TalkShopLive, said during our interview.

Also available in the Studio app is TalkShopLive’s recently launched “Shoppable Simulcast” capability, which allows users to simulcast their livestreams to their Facebook business page. This is a significant move by Meta since the company killed its live shopping feature earlier this month.

“We are the only live shopping platform that is viewable and shoppable on multiple domains at the same time,” said Moore.

TalkShopLive is partnering with other social media platforms, Moore told us. However, he didn’t reveal which ones. In 2022, a report from the Financial Times indicated that TikTok was in talks with TalkShopLive to support its live shopping features.

“We look at social platforms as part of the retail landscape,” he added.

The TalkShopLive Studio app is only available on iOS devices. There will be an Android version in the near future.

TalkShopLive’s new app comes at a time when many American companies are following in China’s footsteps and investing in the live shopping market. For instance, X (formerly Twitter) is set to host a livestream shopping event with Paris Hilton. The pop culture icon is also active on TalkShopLive’s platform.

The U.S. live commerce market is projected to reach $31.7 billion this year, per Coresight Research. Meanwhile, China is estimated to bring in $647 billion in 2023.

“I believe we’re at an exciting inflection point for livestream shopping in North America,” Moore added. “TalkShopLive’s Studio app is coming at the perfect time.”

TalkShopLive launched in 2018 as a live commerce solution for celebrities, influencers, publishers and brands to sell their products via shoppable livestreams. The startup has powered live shows for over 6,000 sellers, including many notable clients such as retail giants Walmart, Target and Best Buy, as well as Drew Barrymore, Dolly Parton and Jada Pinkett Smith, among others. Popular content creators that use the platform include Jackie Oshry, Chris Olsen and more. However, anyone can create a TalkShopLive channel for free and start earning revenue. The company takes a 10% cut.

Recently, TalkShopLive quietly closed a $7 million extension round at a $81 million evaluation. Investors include eBay founder Pierre Omidyar’s fund, Spero Ventures, Progress Partners, TuneIn and more.

“The raise will allow TalkShopLive a clear pathway to profitability, aligning and exceeding its forecasted goals tracking a year-over-year rate of 150%,” the company wrote in a press release, adding that the platform is on track to execute around 2,000 livestreams this year.

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