Picsart launches a suite of AI-powered tools that let you generate videos, backgrounds, GIFs and more

Picsart, a photo-editing startup backed by SoftBank, is launching a new suite of AI-powered tools for businesses and individuals. The suite, called Picsart Ignite, includes 20 tools that are designed to make it easier for create ads, social posts, logos and more. 

The suite includes tools that let you generate videos, images, GIFs, logos, backgrounds, QR codes and stickers. Along with these tools there is a new “AI Expand” feature that lets you add additional details to any image using AI prompts, while a new “AI Object Remove in Video” feature lets you remove undesired objects to allow for a distraction-free video.

A new “AI Style Transfer” feature lets you apply artistic styles across your visuals. There’s also an “AI Avatar” tool that generates realistic avatars for a business portrait. If you’re looking for something less serious, there’s an “AI Avatar – For couples and pets” tool where you can turn yourself and your partner into a superhero or transform your cat into royalty.

The new tools join Picsart’s previously launched AI-powered tools, including AI Writer, AI Replace and AI Image Generator, which is used to generate more than 2 million images per day.

Image Credits: Picsart

“At Picsart, we believe that everyone is a creator,” said Hovhannes Avoyan, founder and CEO of Picsart in a statement. “Our editing experience reflects this philosophy by providing users with powerful, yet fun and easy to use tools to express their unique visions. We developed these features to ignite creativity and enable users to turn their ideas into stunning visual content – whether they’re posting ads for their business, memes for their friends, or anything in between.”

Picsart Ignite is now available to all users across Picsart web, iOS and Android.

The launch comes as more platforms of all sizes are looking to incorporate AI tools into their services. Earlier this year, Canva introduced a suite of AI-powered tools to make it easier for users to create content on the platform. This week, Figma added three generative AI features to its FigJam whiteboard tool.

Picsart itself has been riding the generational AI over the past year. In January, the company released an app called “SketchAI” that transforms photos and drawings into digital. The app lets users sketch a picture or upload an existing image and apply different artistic styles to it. SketchAI offers five free creations. Unlocking unlimited generations requires a subscription ranging from $5.99 per week to $17.99 per month or $69.99 per year.

Although Piscart is known for its digital creation tools, the company recently started to focus more on social collaboration. In May, Picsart launched in-app communities dedicated to specific topics and interests. The communities are called “Spaces” and are described as a place where users can connect and create around the things that they love.

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