Threads app's latest update gives more prominence to reposts

Threads hasn’t launched a web version yet, but the app has shipped a new update to give more prominence to reposts on the social network.

Meta has changed two things regarding reposts on the app. First, there is now a dedicated “Reposts” tab on the profile page, so people can quickly scan through all reposts by a user. Earlier this month, the company rolled out a new option on the settings page to let users look at their own liked posts.

Zuck has not reposted anything yet

Zuck has not reposted anything yet. Image Credits: Threads

Second, users can now see reposts in the reverse-chronological “Following” feed as well. Prior to the latest update, you could see other users’ reposts only in the algorithmic “For You” feed. Instagram head Adam Mosseri said this change was “based on your feedback.”

Admittedly, this update is not as drastic as when Twitter launched the Retweet function in 2009. But with this change, people will probably see more posts on the “Following” feed.

These are part of hooks developed by the Threads team to increase engagement, which has dwindled over time. Since its launch last month, the app has introduced features for sharing a Threads post directly to the Instagram feed or sending it through Instagram DMs.

Nevertheless, it would have been nice to get a web version of Threads in the week when X (formerly Twitter) made TweetDeck a subscriber-only feature.

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