World’s tallest wooden wind turbine is ‘stronger than steel’

There’s a wind turbine being built in the forests of Sweden — or should I say from the forests.

Budding startup Modvion, based in the Scandinavian country, is currently building the world’s tallest wooden wind turbine, and it’s on track for completion this year. 

The tower will stand 105 metres and is being built for local energy utility Varberg Energi for its wind power site near the town of Skara.  

A 2-megawatt turbine made by Danish wind giant Vestas will be mounted atop the wooden tower. Once the rig gets up and running it could power around 500 homes.

The towers are made from laminated veneer lumber, produced by glueing several massive layers of wood together. The startup says the material has a higher strength per weight than steel. It is also 30% lighter. 

Modvion has completed the construction of the large wooden sections of the tower at its factory in Gothenburg and is currently assembling the structure on site. 

section of a wooden wind turbine tower being assembled in Sweden